Warranty conditions for used engines

To benefit from our guarantee of six months:

The following parts are replaced:

- The timing belt

- Alternator belt

- Oil, oil filter,

- The fuel filter

- Glow plugs

- Spark plugs

- The water pump and the roller

- The coolant.



For any type of engine, the customer must first of all:

- Check the circuit breather (hose, capsule filter), thoroughly check its compliance and clean hoses. For turbocharged engines replace the heat exchanger and clean the circuit.

- Check the operation of warning lights for oil pressure and water temperature on the dashboard. Also make a control of glow plugs, replace if necessary.

- Check and replace if necessary hoses, calorstat and heater.

- Make development of lighter, carburetor and advance with the manufacturer.

- To control rocker and the injectors and adjust if necessary.

- Replace and calibrate the timing belt (or chain of distribution).

- Before startup run the engine a few moments with the coil wire disconnected or not the injection pump feeds oil to prime the pump.

- Any mounting of an engine requires a rebate to zero in the electronics of the vehicle by the manufacturer with the official materials of the brand.

The guarantee being on French territory and concerns the material by our staff. It also relates to all the used equipment sold.
The equipment is guaranteed only under the conditions defined in Article 1643 of the Civil Code, for a period of 3 or 6 months from the sale for the used hardware. It follows that the seller guarantees the equipment sold only against hidden defects. The material is guaranteed for the period specified above from the date of invoice, subject to the actual payment of the total invoiced room.

To benefit from these provisions, the purchaser must notify the seller in writing within two weeks after receipt of the motor, vices he attributes to the equipment and provide all justifications as to the reality thereof. Purchase invoices of parts as well as assembly done by a professional must imperatively provided. The non-provision of these elements will invalidate the warranty.

The guarantee comes into account from the time the customer sent us a copy of invoice (with acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail, fax or letter) installation done by a professional within 15 days maximum after delivery of the engine by the carrier (well the delivery date of the transporter and signed by the receiving authentic).
- The company AUTO MOTOR alone may enforce the guarantee.
- The company AUTO MOTOR alone may intervene on the equipment without the written agreement. In case of non-compliance with this clause, the benefit of the guarantee would be lost.

The warranty is void in the following cases:
- Improper installation with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions or with equipment accessories other than those recommended by him
- Defective condition of the bodies to which the engine and / or the box are connected
- Abnormal or improper use, including as part of any type of motor racing (rally, track, all terrain ...)
- Improper maintenance to the manufacturer's standards, especially regarding the procedure for lubrication, and as lubricants for use

The guarantee is applied at our convenience, as follows:
- Exchange
- Reimbursement in return for the surrender of the defective part by the customer.
- If the engine is defective or does not match the vehicle model, AUTO MOTOR is committed to providing another engine for the vehicle

In case the company shall succeed not find another engine, the company effectura reimbursement engine of the purchase price. Labor costs incurred by the customer will not be supported by AUTO MOTOR and remain the customer.

In case the guarantee would apply, depending on any terms whatsoever, recognized the faulty motor must be delivered at the expense of the customer to our establishment, without us having to participate in any way with labor costs occasioned after repair or exchange, or fresh and consequences of immobility of the vehicle.

The guarantee can not justify any allowance or damages and interest. It limits our liability.

Definition of used motor tests:

AUTO MOTOR agrees to perform certain tests on used engines before sales. These tests result in the verification of the correct rotation of the crankshaft that allows to state that the engine is not blocked.

AUTO MOTOR also performs a cold compression test in each cylinder.