For clarity purposes, AUTO MOTOR will be designated the company.



The company aims to intervene in the sale of spare parts for all motor vehicles.

The company exposes the holder of all of the certifications and operating permits required for the performance of these services.

The company mainly has a supply business, supply and installation, installation, troubleshooting, customer service.


The company has previously offered free of charge to the customer's request a quote prepared as indicated and in accordance with customer needs.

The specifications issued by the company have a 30-day validity period.

This period begins on the date of the establishment of the estimate by the company.

Once this period has expired a new quote, with possibly different pricing conditions, should be established by the company.


The client accepts the quote firmly, irrevocable, free and informed.

The customer has previously ensured that all the works, supplies, desired services was mentioned in the specifications.

Otherwise the company will be entitled to charge the extra work in accordance with its usual pricing.


The customer acknowledges having read the terms of sale and adhere without reservation.

The client also declares that the order is in line with its needs and it exposes not be placed under any of the major protective measure under Articles 489 and following of the Civil Code.



The company held at delivery time of its suppliers.

The delivery time will therefore be subject to the suppliers.

These deadlines will, on request, reported to the client.

The customer service concerns interventions on installations by now covered by contractual or legal guarantee.

The company is committed to respond within five working days of the customer's call.


Any quotation established as part of after-sales service operations free.


In case of defective parts, response times will be those for delivery of the new part of the supplier.

In any case, a second will be on-site, if necessary, performed within five working days except in exceptional circumstances.


If changing rooms, the company established a quote.

The estimate is free if the company carries out the necessary work.

Otherwise the customer agrees to indemnify the company for the establishment of the estimate for 50 € HT



The signing of the quotation or the order by the customer gives a firm and final.

Pursuant to the provisions of Articles L. 121-21 and following of the Consumer Code, you have a period of fourteen calendar days to run from receipt of the final product of your order to exercise your right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons or pay penalties, except for return shipping costs that are your responsibility.

The transportation of returned products and is your responsibility; any damage to the products at that time being in nature, as noted below, to obstruct the exercise of your right of withdrawal.


Any cancellation after the end of the withdrawal period will be deemed inadmissible.



The agreed price shall apply to the full defined benefit estimate, contract or purchase order.

The price is considered net, firm and secured the reservations set out in paragraph (1.2).

Any additional services, such as capital gains, unable to intervene at the request of the customer will be invoiced separately.


All supplies poses repairs or after-sales services are carried cash and without discount unless otherwise agreed.


Payment will be in cash at the date on the invoice.

The payment will be broken down as follows:

- 50% of the estimate validation

- 50% upon receipt of goods


Any objection to a check given in payment apart from the cases provided for by law is considered issuing a bad check.

The customer will bear all costs due to faulty opposition and in any case, at first request of the company, immediately lift the opposition so that the check can be accounted and paid.

The client undertakes to inform his banker express this situation.

Responsibility for this could then be jointly engaged.



The delivery date of goods is the transfer of ownership to the customer.

However, as long as the goods are not fully paid to the company, the seller has a retention of title until full payment of the amounts due without notice or special permission.

In this case, the customer must provide care in good father.

Until actual payment, the customer bears the risks of destruction, loss or damage that could affect the acquired products.


This retention of title will be specially served on the judicial officers (bailiff, auctioneer) for entry. Otherwise, the customer will be personally responsible and especially on wages and other property, injury to the company.



Unless otherwise agreed, the company gives no payment period different from those referred to in V.


Any delay in making necessary recovery action will result in the application of express agreement between the parties, as a penalty clause of compensation equal to 20% of total amounts owed Furthermore collection costs and interest rate plus 5 points.

Unless otherwise agreed, the provider gives no payment deadline.

Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt and without discount.

Pursuant to Article L 441-6 of the Commercial Code any defaults at maturity prevail application of liquidated damages, special and autonomous € 40, excluding any higher collection costs and made customer.



The products supplied by the company have the legal warranty against the consequences of faults or hidden defects as defined in Article 1641 of the Civil Code.


The contractual guarantee granted by the company for a minimum period of 3 to 6 months, and will be explained from the day of delivery.

For a 3-month warranty:

The alternator belt, oil, oil filter, fuel filter, and coolant. For a 6 month warranty:

The timing belt, the alternator belt, oil, oil filter, fuel filter, glow plugs, spark plugs, the water pump and the roller and the coolant.

To benefit from these provisions, the purchaser must notify the seller in writing within two weeks after installation on the vehicle of the vices he attributes to the equipment and provide all justifications as to the reality thereof. Purchase invoices of parts as well as assembly done by a professional must imperatively provided. The non-provision of these elements will invalidate the warranty.

The guarantee comes into account from the time the customer sends an invoice copy (with acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail, fax or letter) installation done by a professional within 15 days maximum after mounting engine.

The guarantee is applied, at our option, as follows: - Repair (no extension of this warranty) - Exchange - Refunds in return for the surrender of the defective part by the customer after expertise in our workshops.

In case the guarantee would apply, depending on any terms whatsoever, recognized the faulty motor must be delivered at the expense of the customer to our establishment, without us having to participate in any way with labor costs occasioned after repair or exchange, or fresh and consequences of immobility of the vehicle.


The guarantee does not apply to damage that could suffer the installation by the customer, normal wear due to use, to damage caused by failure to follow instructions, fault of the installer.

The guarantee is excluded in the following cases (non-exhaustive list):

-mounting not comply with the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer or with equipment accessories other than those recommended by him

defective -état bodies to which the motor and / or the box are connected

abnormal or abusive -use including through any type of racing (rally, track, all terrain ...)

-Maintenance substandard manufacturer, especially regarding the procedure for lubrication, and as lubricants for use

The following parts are excluded from warranty: - The entire cooling system (water pump, hose, calorstat, contactor). - The entire electrical system (distributor, sparking plugs, coils, switch, other). - The entire fuel supply system (pump, injectors, gas oil or fuel filter, injector holder etc ...). - The clutch as a whole (drive mechanism, lock range). - The gearbox or bridge forming part of an engine group. - The entire breather circuit (hose, capsule filter). - Head gasket.



For any type of engine, the customer must first of all:

Check the circuit breather (hose, capsule filter), thoroughly check its compliance and clean hoses. For turbocharged engines replace the heat exchanger and clean the circuit.

Check operation of witnesses oil pressure and water temperature on the dashboard. Also make a control of glow plugs, replace if necessary.

Check and replace if necessary hoses, calorstat and heater.

Check the valve timing belt.

Make development of lighter, carburetor and advance with the manufacturer.

Make a control rocker and the injectors and adjust if necessary.


Before startup run the engine a few moments with the coil wire disconnected or not the injection pump feeds oil to prime the pump.


Any mounting of an engine requires a reset of the electronic part of the vehicle by the manufacturer with the official materials of the brand.


In case of litigation or dispute of any nature with a particular consumer, the courts of the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal consumer sector will be competent.

This clause is applicable in case of summary proceedings, incidental request, plurality of defendants and in case of commercial litigation.

The law applicable to all litigation or disputes concerning the formation or performance of these is French law in force on signing day.


Information concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal

Right to retract

You have the right to retract this contract without giving any reason within a period of fourteen days.

The withdrawal period ends fourteen days after the day on your own, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by you acquires, physical possession of the last good.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you owe us (Euro Motors SAS, 2 impasse Shoemakers 67600 Selestat,, notify your decision to withdraw from this contract by an unequivocal statement ( eg letter sent by mail, fax or email). You can use the model withdrawal form, but it is not mandatory.

In order for the withdrawal period is complied with, just like you to convey your communication on the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiration of the withdrawal period.

Effects of withdrawal

In case of withdrawal from your part of this contract, we will reimburse all payments received from you, without undue delay and in any event, not later than fourteen days from the day we are informed of your withdrawal decision of this contract. We will refund using the same payment method that you have used for the initial transaction, unless you expressly agree in a different way; in any event, such reimbursement does not incur any fees for you. Reimbursement will be made once we have received the goods and checked that there was no change / deterioration of the property, and that the merchandise corresponds to the merchandise that had been sent originally.

You shall send back or hand them over to AUTO MOTOR Sp. Z.0.0.

ul. Powstancow Wielkopolskich 27, 62-300 Wrzesnia

NIP PL789-175-4080

, without undue delay and in any event, not later than fourteen days after you have communicated us your decision to withdraw from this contract. This deadline is met if you send back the goods before the period of fourteen days.

You can also complete and submit the withdrawal form by completing the form on our website. If you use this option, we will send without delay a receipt of such a withdrawal on a durable medium (eg by email). Your responsibility is taken only in respect of the depreciation of property resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the property.

Model withdrawal form


ul. Powstancow Wielkopolskich 27, 62-300 Wrzesnia

NIP PL789-175-4080

, Email:

I / We (1) notify you / notifions (1) by my / our (1) withdrawal from the contract for the sale of property (1)


Ordered on (1) / received (1)

Name (of) consumer (s)

Address (of) consumer (s)


(1) Strike out inapplicable.